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Monitoring How-To Videos Courtesy of Malcom

How to take an inverter out of standby mode using

  1. the portal
  2. the buttons (HD-wave)
  3. the buttons (normal)

Video 1 is for you. Videos 2 and 3 are for you, or if a customer needs to take an inverter out of standby mode themselves, just link them the appropriate vid.

SunBug Marketing Video (ft. the Design Center) 

Here are the three locations it appears on our website. I recommend using the "Our Approach" or "Design Center" links. We will likely eventually swap in something else on "For Homeowners."

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Mass Solar Loan homepage

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Mass Solar Loan income support matrix

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Mass Solar Loan - Naveo

Mass Solar Loan - Avidia

Mass Solar Loan - Equitable bank

Tax Forms & Instructions

- IRS Form 5695 "Residential Energy Credits"

- IRS Form 5965 - Instructions

- Mass. State Tax Form & Instructions for Solar & Wind 


Snow Guard Info & Videos

Snow Guards
Info and videos below are from this article; Three Ways to Prevent a Solavalanche.
Solar SnowMax R2
Designed for use on the eave-edge of the array, Solar SnowMax-R2 is the largest fence option, with the fence/bar measuring 2” tall for projects requiring a higher fence on the eaves. The grooved front accepts an optional black insert strip to match the panel frame.

Solar SnowMax-Standard
Our original solar snow management system, which was designed to be installed along the eave-edge of an array, has now shifted to being used for additional, upslope tiers of snow management. The 1-inch high fence/bar on the Solar SnowMax-Standard is ideal for upslope installation due to the low-profile, which minimizes shading.
Solar Snow Pad
Just like Solar SnowMax-Standard, our Solar Snow Pads are also designed to be used when additional upslope tiers of solar snow management are needed. The unique trait about the Solar Snow Pads is that they also accept 3/8” stainless steel rods, which creates a hybrid system in that it can be used as pad-style snow management AND as a pipe-style system if you choose to add the rods.

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