We don't believe in crowding a rooftop, or maximizing a ground-mount array—unless specifically asked to do so. At SunBug, our designs ensure access to existing equipment, and seek to streamline the overall aesthetic. 

Once a system design has been developed, SunBug will present a summary proposal to the prospective client, which includes a layout and detailed cash flow. This is typically a working document, iterated over time as new information is obtained, and as additional desires and constraints are discussed with the client.

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Founded in 2009, SunBug Solar has designed and installed over 800 solar systems all across Massachusetts, ranging in size from 1kW to over 1MW. We deliver the highest-quality solar solutions in conjunction with the best possible customer experience. Our integrated approach—from initial education through consultative design to quality installation and ongoing support—has earned SunBug the highest reputation for customer service, and a host of satisfied residential and commercial customers.