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Every home is different, and every customer comes to us with their own set of concerns.

That is why we start with an evaluation that takes into account building orientation, aesthetic concerns, and your current utility bills. We then design the optimal solar electric or solar thermal energy solution for you, factoring in all available municipal, state and federal incentives to maximize the system’s return on investment. Many factors go into our analysis:

The orientation, slope, and size of your roof.

The ideal roof slopes towards the south, but even if your roof is east or west facing, you can still get strong results. If you have a flat roof we can orient your panels to maximize efficiency.

Roof shading.

For solar electric systems, panels should be installed so as to minimize shade from nearby trees or buildings. Luckily, we have methods to calculate shade obstruction and can design your system for maximum efficiency. Solar thermal systems are less sensitive to shade, and can be effective for most homes in New England.

Your utility bill.

It is important to design a properly sized array. We’ll look at how much you spend on electricity or hot water and figure out the optimal size of your system.

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SunBug Solar is a solar energy consulting and installation company located in Arlington and Somerville, Massachusetts. Since opening in 2009, SunBug has over 10MW of photovoltaics statewide - from Great Barrington to Cape Cod - through projects ranging in size from 1kW to over 1MW. Our focus on practical solar solutions resonates in the Bay State, as evidenced by a host of satisfied residential, educational, institutional and commercial customers. Copyright ©2016 SunBug Solar.