Hillside School

Marlborough, MA

System: Solar Electric (Photovoltaic)

Size: 142.0 kW

Type: Wattsun

A small school with a big heart, the independent Hillside School partnered with SunBug to develop and execute a comprehensive solar plan for the campus. Phase one has been completed, a 140 kW system on the main classroom building financed through a Power Purchase Agreement.

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With the PPA model, Hillside locks in long-term electricity savings, and the project realizes all available federal tax credits.  In the future, Hillside will purchase the system from the civic-minded investor Chava Energy.

Not satisfied with merely installing photovoltaics, Hillside faculty worked with SunBug to integrate the array's real-world lessons about solar production and environmental impact into the curriculum. In addition to assisting with the development of course materials, SunBug designed a "mobile solar lab" that offers students the hands-on experience of measuring and testing photovoltaic solar cell performance.

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