Solar for Your Business

With the current incentives and tax credits in Massachusetts, a solar system is the best investment your company can make to hedge against rising utility costs. To learn how SunBug can improve your company's bottom-line with clean, free power from the sun, fill out the form on the rightSunBug respects your privacy and will not rent, sell, or give you information to any third party without your consent.

Here is what we did for G&T Landscaping in Walpole:
G&T Landscaping
Faced with ever-rising utility costs, G&T Landscaping called on SunBug Solar to design and install a solar electric system that would take maximum advantage of current tax credits and incentives.

13.7 kW Photovoltaic System

The system uses 72 BP Solar photovoltaic panels, two Solectria PVI-5300 inverters, and full monitoring system.  Panels come with a 25 year output warranty.  System lifecycle projected at 30 years or more.

Maximum Incentives, Increased ROI

Output of over 16,000 kilowatt hours annually, covering 95% of consumption.  Owner sees over $52,000 in state and federal incentives, reducing project cost by 65% and payback to under 5 years.

Turnkey Service

SunBug's integrated approach incorporates site analysis, system design, incentive processing and system monitoring, allowing G&T to maintain focus on their business.

SunBug is certified by NABCEP, the National Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, for photovoltaic installation and service. We are members of the New England Clean Energy Council and the Environmental Business Council of New England, and are accredited by the Boston Area Better Business Bureau.