We Are Amicus Members

The Amicus Solar Cooperative was formed in 2011 by a group of solar energy providers with a revolutionary plan to better serve their customers.

Dedicated to the mission of offsetting carbon emissions and giving customers agency over their energy production, Amicus members are mission-driven, vision-aligned businesses, working to bring the solar revolution to energy consumers across the nation.  This invitation-only cooperative organization allows best-in-class solar installers to pool their purchasing power and share best practices.

Forty percent of Amicus members, including SunBug, are B Corporations.  Similar to Patagonia, one of the founders of the B-Corp movement, these Amicus members are a special kind of company, with a legal commitment to people, planet, profit that is verified by an outside audit.  Amicus Solar Cooperative is a B Corp itself, having won the distinction of achieving top 10% of all certified B Corps in the Impact Governance category.

Why does SunBug Solar’s membership in Amicus make a difference to our customers?

  • We purchase better equipment at lower prices, allowing us to provide better pricing to you without cutting any corners
  • Your system’s performance, quality and operational efficiency all improve based on Amicus members sharing best practices and technical knowledge
  • Amicus vets all suppliers, only choosing companies with good track records, so we can assure you that the equipment you’re investing in is the best out there 
  • It allows you to support in-state installers instead of larger, national companies, without sacrificing cost or quality

Today, Amicus has over 50 member-owners with office locations in 38 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Canada. The Cooperative is owned and democratically led by its member companies.




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Founded in 2009 and a Certified B Corporation since 2018, SunBug Solar has designed and installed over 2400 solar systems from Great Barrington to Cape Cod. We build all types of systems, ranging in size from 1kW to over 1MW, including residential, commercial, carports, and ground-mounts. Our integrated approach - from initial education through consultative design to quality installation and ongoing support - has earned SunBug the highest reputation for customer service and a host of satisfied residential and commercial customers.