SunBug Solar System Powers Zero-Energy Home

For nearly two years, Natalie and Tom have been living in their “zero-energy” home in Salisbury, MA. Their modular, all-electric house and Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid allow Natalie and Tom the freedom to lower their carbon footprint, save money, and choose their power source. Given this freedom, Natalie and Tom have chosen to power their life with an 8.8 kW solar array installed by SunBug Solar.

Every year, the 27 SunPower photovoltaic panels on Natalie’s and Tom’s roof (pictured above) generate close to 11,000 kWh of electricity. For Natalie, Tom, and their infant daughter, this solar energy is enough to power 100% of their heating, cooling, hot water, cooking, and appliance needs. Thanks to the incentives available to them and to other Massachusetts residents, Natalie and Tom are on track to recoup their investment in solar in the next few years. In little time, they will actually be making money, compared to what they would otherwise pay for electricity. Until then, their total home energy bill is less than $450 a year, significantly lower than the state average of $2,500 per year.

Natalie’s and Tom’s choice to live in a zero-energy home is a forward-thinking one. The clean energy that their solar system greatly diminishes their carbon footprint, their electricity bill, and their reliance on fossil fuel energy. In the future, expect to see more zero-energy houses in Massachusetts powered by SunBug Solar.

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