Our Values

Our values of Responsiveness, Resourcefulness, & Reliability are the foundation of our relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers.

We know the most successful organizations are those with the strongest customer base, and we excel at understanding the nuances of each of our customers.

Responsiveness is the practical application of an organization’s knowledge and experience in a respectful and timely fashion. SunBug has an extensive track record of delivering solar energy solutions to residences, commercial businesses, landowners, and non-profit organizations across the state. We’ve done so by meeting the individual needs and requirements of each of our clients, rather than trying to impose off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter packages upon our clients in a generic fashion, as some solar installers are known to do. We are fastidious about our communications with our customers, both proactively and responsively.

Resourcefulness is more than just the creative application of an organization's knowledge and available resources to solve a problem. Because our collaborative work environment is staffed by teammates with experience in a variety of fields, we are able to find creative solutions to seemingly insurmountable obstacles. SunBug's project teams creatively apply knowledge, expertise, and resources to solve our customers’ problems and deliver appropriate solar solutions.

At the core of Reliability is the honesty and integrity required for successful long-term relationships with customers and partners. SunBug honors its commitments. We reliably say what we do, and then do what we say. Reliability also means that we’ll be there over the long haul and not quietly disappear as soon as a SunBug solar system gets built, nor will we cut corners or skimp when we encounter an unanticipated installation challenge.

SunBug’s “high-touch,” consultative, and partnership-oriented approach to customers is central to why we are the only solar installer serving Massachusetts to have earned the coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award every year since 2012. We are proud of our extensive track record of “A” client ratings that we have received for the quality of our workmanship, the responsiveness of our communications, and the professionalism of each and every member of the SunBug team.

Meet the Team

We are a rapidly growing organization of highly skilled renewable energy professionals.  Meet our Management, Commercial, ResidentialOperations, and Installation teams.

There are no silly questions

At SunBug we enjoy talking about solar, so if you have a question, just ask. If we can’t answer it immediately we’ll take the time to figure it out, because a well reasoned-answer is better than a quick, unconsidered one. And we’ll speak in language that makes sense to you. Not into kilowatts? Let’s talk dollars and cents.

SunBug Solar

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Founded in 2009 and a Certified B Corporation since 2018, SunBug Solar has designed and installed over 2400 solar systems from Great Barrington to Cape Cod. We build all types of systems, ranging in size from 1kW to over 1MW, including residential, commercial, carports, and ground-mounts. Our integrated approach - from initial education through consultative design to quality installation and ongoing support - has earned SunBug the highest reputation for customer service and a host of satisfied residential and commercial customers.