Monitoring & Reporting

A good monitoring system behaves like a security system with a dividend statement.  Not only can it alert you if there is a problem, it can also indicate your return on investment from the solar system on a daily, monthly, and annual basis. 

SunBug Solar’s Monitoring Strategy

After SunBug installs a solar system and the switch is thrown, customers receive access to an online dashboard supported by their inverter or smart meter manufacturer. These dashboards are tied into SunBug's own tracking system, and form the bedrock of our monitoring program. They show production and production history, allow performance tracking, and—depending on the system, show component level data. 

The monitoring providers below are constantly updating their web services to give our customers the best possible experience.

Inverter Monitoring

Most of SunBug’s installations come with free online monitoring from the inverter manufacturer. Inverter manufacturers are able to provide excellent monitoring because their devices constantly measure the energy production of the system. Inverter monitoring typically has the greatest detail. This is because inverters measure all the various voltages coming from the solar panels and the grid.

Revenue Grade Meters

Revenue Grade Meters are devices built specially for high accuracy monitoring. They are great when there is no internet service at the location where solar panels are to be installed, as a revenue grade meter with cell connectivity can get online anywhere with cell service.

Inverter Monitoring from SolarEdge

SolarEdge makes an excellent inverter system with per-panel power optimizers that allow monitoring on the panel level.  You can learn more from SolarEdge here.

Inverter Monitoring from SMA

SMA's robust line of string inverters use the proprietary Sunny Portal system, here.

Revenue Grade Metering from Locus

Locus is a leader in the manufacture of Revenue Grade Meters that work with any inverter system. You can learn more from Locus here.

No-Cost Solar Analysis

Have SunBug Solar do a no-cost assessment of your business.  We'll do a complete analysis, factoring in the specifics of your site, the available state and federal incentives, projected energy savings, and financing options. Just fill out this simple form.

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