Servicing Your System

In the case that a system has an operational issue, our service team can investigate, diagnose, and replace equipment.

SunBug’s customer service team delivers a variety of corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance, and specialty solar-related services for residences, nonprofit organizations, houses of worship, and businesses across Massachusetts.

SunBug’s Installation Workmanship Warranty

SunBug provides a 10 year installation Workmanship Warranty for every solar system that we install for residential customers. That warranty commits SunBug’s prompt remedy of any operational issues that may occur to your solar system that are directly related to flawed or inadequate SunBug workmanship at the time of your system’s installation. SunBug’s workmanship warranty also ensures that any parts of your solar system that are subsequently discovered to have been materially defective or damaged at the time of installation will be repaired or replaced by a similar part at no charge to you.

Manufacturers’ Product Warranties

In addition to SunBug’s comprehensive installation workmanship warranty, product warranties are provided by each manufacturer whose equipment and components are incorporated into your solar system’s design and construction. Those manufacturer product warranties are generally limited to the replacement of materials, equipment, and accessories that experience premature faults or failures, but they typically do not provide coverage for the labor expended to troubleshoot and/or replace their defective products. Extended product warranties are optionally available for a modest fee from some of the inverter manufacturers that SunBug utilizes in our solar system designs and installations.

Enhanced Product Warranty Coverage

SunBug’s enhanced product warranty coverage represents a value-added complement and supplement to solar equipment manufacturers’ limited product warranties. During the first year of your system’s operation, SunBug will waive all labor expenses incurred to troubleshoot, repair, and/or replace any underperforming or faulty products incorporated into your solar installation. Extensions to SunBug’s first-year enhanced product warranty coverage period may be purchased as part of the original installation or during your system’s first year of operation for an additional fee.

SunBug also offers these specialty services:

Pest Abatement

Solar systems installed in close proximity to woods or trees may inadvertently serve as an attractive habitat for rodents and/or birds. A nesting bird can construct an unsanitary and unappealing mess underneath your solar array. Squirrels not only love to build nests within the cozy space under solar modules, but they also happen to be very fond of nibbling the insulation on solar wiring.

Cleaning up such messes and repairing any resulting damage to your solar system can get costly very quickly. A simple, but effective preventative approach is to equip your solar system with a perimeter critter guard to thwart the onslaught of wayward birds and rodents. Critter guards are segments of stiff wire mesh that attach to the edges of your solar modules and extend down to your roof’s surface, effectively sealing off the several-inch gap between your solar modules and your roof. Wrapping critter guards around the entire perimeter of your solar system—either at the time of system installation or as a retrofit down the road—is one of the best ways to safeguard the physical integrity of your solar investment.

Snow Abatement

Some solar adopters are surprised to learn during their first solar winter that accumulating snow slides off a solar module-covered roof much more quickly and without warning than was the case pre-solar. This can be particularly worrisome for steep roofs, where the velocity and force of a rooftop solar system shedding its snow can be both damaging and dangerous down below.

Installing solar snow guards to your system can help mitigate the incidence and impact of these snow slides. A solar snow guard is a low-profile barrier that attaches to the bottom edges of solar modules to help reduce the likelihood of a large snow slide event. Snow guards are most appropriate for solar modules installed above doorways, driveways, or other areas of high traffic. Snow guards can be added to your solar system either at the time of its installation or subsequently as a retrofit.


Re-roofing is a periodic reality for most homes and businesses. And since the anticipated longevity of a solar system exceeds the life expectancy of most roofs, it’s likely that you’ll need to re-roof your property at some point during your solar system’s lifecycle. SunBug routinely performs solar system de-installations/re-installations in coordination with your roofer to ensure that your system’s downtime is minimized to the extent practicable.

Expansions and Add-Ons

Some solar adopters are so pleased with their solar investments that they seek to expand the capacity of their systems. Those expansions could be installed on either the same roof area as your current system, a different part of your roof, or perhaps even in your back yard.

Although it’s typically straightforward to add onto a solar system electrically, expansions can be much more complex from an administrative perspective due to policies associated with various incentive programs as well as local zoning regulations. SunBug Solar’s service team is adept at navigating these complicated waters with you to converge on the best expansion approach to achieve your objectives.


Renovating your home or office? Need some of your solar equipment or conduits relocated in conjunction with your renovation? Just let us know. We’ll coordinate our work with your contractor so your solar system will hardly skip a beat.

PV Systems Need Little or No Maintenance.

However, the area and conditions surrounding a PV array and its components are constantly changing. If having your PV system checked for piece of mind is something you may be interested in, we can come up with a personalized solution that fits your needs. We can offer a yearly inspection at a discounted cost or a simple one time inspection. Contact us to learn more.



Critter Guard Installation



Snow Guard Installation

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