Our Approach

Our goal at SunBug Solar is to be the most responsive solar provider in the industry. We are acutely aware that as solar integrators, we are a hybrid of consultant and contractor. As such, we have developed a well-honed, informative and interactive design process for working with our customers.


SunBug employees are excited to bring practical energy solutions to everyday people. We think that widespread solar adoption is an important component of meeting our planet’s energy needs, but we are not alternative energy preachers. We are experienced solar installers, and we'll offer the tools needed to decide if solar is right for you.


We strive to be the most responsive solar installers in the field. We arrive when scheduled, not during vague afternoon windows. If you ask a question, we have an answer. We also know, however, that a well reasoned answer is better than a quick unconsidered one, and we’ll describe your options in language that makes sense to you.  Not into kilowatts? Let’s talk dollars and cents.


We are professional solar installers, not general contractors, so we think several steps ahead and anticipate questions and challenges. We have multiple NABCEP (National Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certified installation staff and are approved for all available rebates through the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) and Department of Energy Resources (DOER).


As a company that provides environmentally intelligent solutions to energy production, we wholeheartedly believe that green is good.  We consider environmental impact in everything we do, however we are not green for the sake of being green. As a company, we make choices based on practical sustainability. We are a specific shade of green: the most cost-effective green for our customers.

Meet the Residential Team

We are a rapidly growing organization of highly skilled renewable energy professionals.  Meet our Residential Team.


The Difference Quality Makes

SunBug's residential design team and installation crews work as a whole, executing thoughtful layouts with the highest quality installation practices

The Aesthetics of Solar

One impediment to widespread solar adoption has been aesthetic: unsightly installations in the 1970s gave solar an ugly reputation. Today, a host of manufacturers compete to build panels that are as attractive as they are efficient. At SunBug, we design arrays that take into account all sight-lines and issues of symmetry. We want to make your solar installation look as good as it works.

SunBug Solar

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Founded in 2009 and a Certified B Corporation since 2018, SunBug Solar has designed and installed over 2400 solar systems from Great Barrington to Cape Cod. We build all types of systems, ranging in size from 1kW to over 1MW, including residential, commercial, carports, and ground-mounts. Our integrated approach - from initial education through consultative design to quality installation and ongoing support - has earned SunBug the highest reputation for customer service and a host of satisfied residential and commercial customers.