First Parish

Framingham, MA

System: Solar Electric (Photovoltaic)

Size: 27.1 kW

Type: SunPower

First Parish in Framingham choose to install solar panels to reduce its carbon footprint.  In the first three years of operation we have offset 46,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.  Our overall goal is to make our church buildings carbon neutral by 2050.

Our system is rated at 27 KW and has 84 Sunpower panels installed.  It has been operating now for three years maintenance free.  It provides 85 % of the electricity requirements of our Parish House and Meeting House.  Our panels are leased from the Technology Credit Corp. and were installed by SunBug Solar.  SunBug Solar was also very helpful in getting our panels approved by the Framingham Historic District Commission.  We had no upfront costs and are saving $ 1,000 to $ 1,500 per year on our electric costs. With our very visible location on the Framingham Town green, we hope that our panels will set an example and inspire other churches and home owners to install renewable solar energy.

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