Operations & Maintenance

In addition to SunBug Solar’s standard 5-year workmanship warranty, we also offer an Operation & Maintenance (O&M) contract that provides service coverage for the full life of your solar array.

An O&M contract is much more than just an “extended warranty”—it represents a commitment on the part of SunBug to actively monitor and assess the performance of your array, and to address issues as they arise. It also includes an annual on-site visit during which the array will receive a comprehensive visual inspection, as well as a full system test.


During the workmanship warranty, and under a SunBug O&M contract, SunBug will monitor your array on an ongoing basis. SunBug will report faulty conditions with inverters, and will investigate any inverter reporting a level of production that is 25% or more below that of other inverters in the array. SunBug will also report any site-specific production loss that is sustained for longer than 12 months, where "site-specific" refers to production loss not due to regional weather or other atmospheric conditions. All SunBug customers will have online access to a dashboard displaying the ongoing production of their array.

Annual Visual Inspection

Once each year, under SunBug's O&M contract, SunBug will visit your site and perform a visual inspection. During this inspection, SunBug will: 

  • visually inspect PV modules (panels) for damage, discoloration, or delamination
  • visually inspect ground braids, electrodes, and conductors
  • visually inspect mounting system components for damage or corrosion
  • inspect inverters
  • inspect the array site for shading (i.e., tree growth, new construction) which may impact system production. 

SunBug will also inspect roof penetrations (if any), and report any unusual roof wear. 

Annual Electrical Analysis

Once each year under SunBug's O&M contract we will test system components, including:

  • testing utility room inverters and disconnects for expected amperage/voltage
  • physically examining AC and DC combiner boxes
  • testing string-level amperage/voltage and fuses. 

Using a specialized infrared camera, SunBug will also test for hot spots across the entire array, and within all electrical equipment.

Annual Reporting

Once each year, under SunBug's O&M contract, SunBug will generate and deliver a report outlining the array's production over the previous 12 months, and provide a checklist noting the status of all visually inspected components. SunBug will also provide a report outlining all findings resulting from the Annual Electrical Analysis. In each case, any anomalies or issues requiring further attention will be highlighted, and a plan for resolving the issue(s) will be discussed with you.

For more information on our O&M offerings, please contact your SunBug solar consultant.

Does Solar Work in New England?

New England’s climate can be tough at times, but there is plenty of sunlight to support solar energy.  In fact, cooler Northeast temperatures make solar electric cells work more efficiently.  Much more important than sunlight intensity are programs to make solar cost effective, which is why cool and cloudy Germany is actually the global leader in solar generated electricity.


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