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Making Life Better Together! Sunbug Solar is joining ReVision Energy.

Million Little Sunbeams

  • system: LONGi Bifacial
  • Size: 250 kW
  • Type: Solar Electric

We designed, constructed, and installed a 250 kW “dual-use system” on a working farm that has been in our client’s family for generations. The primary motivation for the project was to create an additional income stream to sustain the farm and to do the right thing environmentally.  

The design of the system had to adhere to Department of Energy requirements concerning the amount of solar radiation that reached the farmland below, the height of the panels throughout the system, and the type of crop that would be cultivated beneath the panels.  Additionally this system design uses single access tracking, bifacial panels, and panel optimizers to produce more electricity than most solar systems of its same size. An important aspect of this project is that it enables the farm to generate cash from solar without surrendering land. This system should pay for itself in as little as six years, and it will create a substantial income for the client and his family thereafter.

“The dual-use solar system the Sunbug solar installed has exceeded expectations in a number of ways, first and foremost, it is producing more kWh than projected. And in doing so, is generating more revenue than I expected. It also has generated a lot of interest in the public as one of the first agrivoltaic systems in Massachusetts. It is safe to say that the success of this system has led me to explore similar projects in other areas.”

Nate Tassinari Owner and Operator

Trackers produce a higher kWh yield than similarly sized arrays

Occupies 1 acre of land

Remains as usable agricultural land

Webinar – Million Little Sunbeams Case Study

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