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Making Life Better Together! Sunbug Solar is joining ReVision Energy.

A solar system can do a lot more than simply offset your electricity use and reduce your organization’s utility bill. By taking advantage of tax credits and Massachusetts incentive programs that pay you for every kWh your system produces, going solar can create a robust new income stream for your business. 

In short, Sunbug’s solar solutions are as good for your organization’s bottom line as they are for the world.

The direct purchase model

We encourage our customers to own their solar system whenever possible—because simply put, direct ownership offers your organization the best return on investment. And with federal incentives, it’s more cost effective than ever.

From the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) (which covers between 30-60% of system costs) to accelerated depreciation deduction (which can cover an additional 25%), strong federal tax benefits make it possible to purchase a solar system for just a fraction of the original cost. And when you purchase your system from Sunbug, you can rest assured that we’ll do all the work required to identify and secure any incentives your organization qualifies for.

The third-party investment model

Even if you decide that purchasing a system isn’t the right approach, there’s another way your organization can take advantage of solar. Through a third-party investment model, Sunbug can identify a third-party investor on your organization’s behalf.  That third party will own the solar system and the power it generates, but will provide your organization revenue by either leasing space on your facility’s roof and/or parking lot to house the system, or providing your facility with power at a discounted rate. 

While not as attractive as the long-term savings offered through the direct purchase model, a solar installation via third party investment will still reduce your organization’s cost while helping the world to transition toward a more sustainable and resilient future.

Accelerated Depreciation (MACRS) up to 25% more

Base Investment tax credit of 30%

Investment tax credit adders of 10 to 30% more

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