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Solar warranties

Solar PV systems need little or no maintenance.  However like any type of power electronics, components can fail over time.  This makes it valuable to understand the warranties associated with a solar system.  

There are two types: the workmanship warranty from Sunbug, and the manufacturer warranties from the makers of the system components, such as panels and inverters.

Sunbug provides a 10 year residential and 5 year commercial Installation Workmanship Warranty for every solar system that we install. That warranty commits Sunbug’s remedy of any operational issues that may occur to your solar system that are directly related to flawed or inadequate Sunbug workmanship at the time of your system’s installation. Sunbug’s workmanship warranty also ensures that any parts of your solar system that are subsequently discovered to have been materially defective or damaged at the time of installation will be repaired or replaced by a similar part at no charge to you. 

In addition to Sunbug’s comprehensive installation workmanship warranty, product warranties are provided by each manufacturer whose equipment and components are incorporated into your solar system’s design and construction. Those manufacturer product warranties are generally limited to the replacement of materials, equipment, and accessories that experience premature faults or failures, but they typically do not provide coverage for the labor expended to troubleshoot and/or replace their defective products. However, for projects under 40kW, Sunbug will waive all labor expenses incurred to troubleshoot, repair, and/or replace any underperforming or faulty products during the first year of system operation.  Also, extended inverter product warranties are optionally available for a modest fee from some of the inverter manufacturers that Sunbug utilizes in our solar installations.

For homeowners, Sunbug’s optional enhanced product warranty coverage represents a value-added complement and supplement to solar equipment manufacturers’ limited product warranties. During the first 10 years of your system’s operation, Sunbug will waive all labor expenses incurred to troubleshoot, repair, and/or replace any underperforming or faulty products incorporated into your solar installation. This enhanced product warranty coverage period may be purchased as part of the original installation or during your system’s first year of operation for an additional fee.

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