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Making Life Better Together! Sunbug Solar is joining ReVision Energy.

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For forward-thinking architects, builders, and developers, the shift to net-zero energy and renewable energy building practices means a world of opportunity.

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At Sunbug, we’ve spent more than a decade delivering best-in-class solutions for a wide range of small and large residential and commercial solar projects. As a partner for builders, architects, and developers, we bring deep experience, technical know-how, and a comprehensive understanding of Massachusetts’ complex renewable market to every engagement. That means we can deliver the solution you need today, and serve as a long term strategic partner for tomorrow.

Looking for a reliable and resourceful partner that helps you meet your sustainability targets and make the most of the new renewable energy landscape? Look no further.


Let’s build something together

When Sunbug integrates solar in new buildings, we know our effort is one part of a multifaceted process of crafts, trades, and specialties. That means effective partnership is essential. We provide our clients with experienced project management professionals, deep technical insight, procedural foresight, and a long track record of dependability. We’ll deliver a best-in-class renewable solution for your construction project, employing a detailed process that allows you to focus on doing your best work.

Whether it’s customizing layouts and precision-fitting system elements, or taking a tailored approach to navigating town-by-town regulatory complexities, we add value at every phase of the design and build process.

An EPC partner committed to quality and long-term success

Developers and financiers looking for an experienced partner to help them make the most of the Massachusetts marketplace turn to Sunbug’s EPC division. As one of the Commonwealth’s leading builders of C&I solar projects over the last decade, Sunbug adds value from the get-go—bringing deep local knowledge and relationships, technical and regulatory insight, and co-op based procurement power equivalent to that of the nation’s second-largest solar company. 

Best of all, our approach to EPC partnerships is based on a model of continuous improvement—which means we’re always finding new ways to optimize results and ensure mutual success.

Partner stories
  • Solar Electric
  • 44 KW
  • Hanwha

Beverly Bootstraps

  • Solar Electric
  • 9.31 KW
  • REC

Mill Run

14 years of experience

+2800 installs

B-Corp certified since 2018

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“Just want to let you know that the team appreciates how Sunbug has handled the process. Certainly not easy to arrive on site, dead of winter, 12 floors up, and realize we have a problem. You worked quickly to diagnose, test, solve, and implement. Most would sit there and blame others. Cheers to you guys!”

Matt Salem
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