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Maintaining your system

Solar photovoltaic energy systems generally require little, if any, regular maintenance.

Their robust equipment, components, and materials are designed for daily use, and are engineered to withstand the extremes of New England weather for decades to come. As with any electrical product, however, various issues may arise from time to time. That’s why Sunbug has a service and support team to ensure that issues can be diagnosed and addressed.

Sunbug’s service and support team is both experienced and well-equipped to correct unplanned problems and restore full operation to your system including those disruptions related to:

  • Electrical issues (e.g., damaged wires, voltage irregularities, loose connections, blown fuses)
  • Inoperable equipment (e.g., faulty inverter)
  • Reduced performance (e.g., intermittent equipment outages, low module production)
  • Monitoring outages (e.g., Internet communications glitches)
  • Weather-related damage (e.g., lightning strikes, snow/ice/hailstone damage)
  • Critter-related issues (e.g., squirrel-chewed wires)
Our service team also performs these specialty services:

Critter guards are pieces of stiff wire mesh that are attached to the edges of your solar modules and reach down to the surface of your roof. This closes the gap of a few inches between your solar modules and your roof. One of the best ways to protect the physical integrity of your solar system is to put critter guards around the whole outside of it. This can be done at the time of installation or later as a retrofit (note that retrofitting is more expensive and it’s better to do this before you have any critter activity).

A solar snow guard is a low-profile barrier that attaches to the bottom edges of solar modules to help reduce the likelihood of a large snow slide. Snow guards are best for solar panels that are put up above doorways, driveways, or other high-traffic areas. Snow guards can be added to your solar system either at the time of its installation or later as a retrofit.

If you are re-roofing, adding an addition to your home, having work done on a chimney or skylight, or even patching a roof leak, you may need us to remove part or all of your system. Sunbug can coordinate with your contractor to remove the system and reinstall it after your construction is completed. Like any major undertaking, it’s better to plan this in advance. The more notice we get, the better!

Our customers often ask if they can expand their systems. Expansions, while usually possible, are often complex to design and install. There are also a lot of complicated rules and regulations around them. Sunbug has the expertise to help you navigate a potential system expansion.

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