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Share the Sun

refer your friends and family to sunbug, a revision energy company
Refer your friend and family

Thanks for being a Solar Champion with Sunbug Solar. Now you can spread the joy of going solar with friends and family!

People are more likely to make powerful life changes (like transitioning to solar) when they are inspired by those around them. By referring a friend or neighbor, you can help us empower our communities to tackle the environmental and financial issues caused by fossil fuels, and achieve clean energy independence.

How it works:

  1. Submit friend’s details
  2. Friend confirms a site visit
  3. Friend gets customized proposal
  4. Friend moves forward with a solar project → You get $250!
  5. Friend is a Solar Champion too!

Use the form below to submit referrals (it only takes a minute). If your friend/family moves forward with solar, you’ll earn rewards.

share the sun by making a referral

Referral Form

Person Making Referral

All about the person who is referring their friend or family:
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Person Being Referred

All about the person who wants to learn more about solar:
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This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Thank you for helping us grow our mission!

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