Our Team

Our culture of excellence along with our employee ownership program attracts some of the industry's most talented and dedicated team members.


Cheney Brand is the president, CEO and an owner of SunBug Solar. He has spent his career pursuing innovation and entrepreneurship, developing methodologies to design and roll out new products, acquire competitors, and form joint ventures. In 1990 he founded Brand Software, Inc., where he served as its president and chairman of the board and grew the company from a startup to the market leader in behavioral health office management, and by 1999 negotiated its sale to VantageMed, Inc. Immediately prior to SunBug, Cheney worked for groSolar, a Vermont based solar PV and thermal installer and distributor with operations across the U.S. and Canada.

Janice DiPietro brings extensive operating experience to SunBug. A transition expert she has led organizations through periods of profitable growth by creating a culture of empowerment and accountability.  Janice holds an undergraduate degree from Bentley University and a Masters and Doctoral degree in accounting and psychology from Boston University. Serving on the Boards of several organizations and as CEO of Exceptional Leaders International Janice is able to combine her passion for helping leaders and their organizations succeed. Her favorite pastime is spent on the beaches of Rhode Island with her wonderful and expanding family. 

Co-Owner Aaron Simms joined SunBug in 2013 with a wealth of project management and engineering experience. His current role is managing the newest SunBug Solar office in Westfield MA. Previously, Aaron oversaw the design and operations of commercial and industrial projects of all sizes. Aaron is NABCEP Certified and holds an undergraduate science degree in Engineering Physics and Nuclear Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic. On a personal note, Aaron bicycled from Singapore to Prague, a trip that took a year and a half and totaled over 15,000 miles.

Co-Owner Benjamin Mayer is Vice President of Marketing & Residential Sales. His focus on quality, consumer education, and the integrity of SunBug’s behavior – to employees, partners, and customers – has helped SunBug garner the highest reputation for customer service in its market, including ten consecutive Angie’s List Super Service awards. Before SunBug, Ben was a New England Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker. Ben serves on the WGBH Corporate Executive Council. 

Nick d’Arbeloff is a co-owner and Vice President of Commercial Business at SunBug Solar. He has spent much of his career in clean energy and innovation and, prior to joining the SunBug team in 2015, served as President of Advanced Energy Economy, Vice President of Energy Efficiency Solutions for EnerNOC, and founding President of the New England Clean Energy Council. Earlier in his career he worked in the software industry where he was founder & CEO of Conjoin, a sales and marketing software company acquired by WebEx in 2005, and Co-Founder and VP Marketing of Wildfire Communications, a telecom software company acquired by Orange PLC in 2000. Nick is a representative of The Climate Project and serves on the boards of the New England Clean Energy Council and the Massachusetts Audubon Society. He is also the author of two novels: Excessive Entanglement, published in 2008; and Degrees of Survival, published in 2015. Nick holds a BA from Georgetown University.

Ken Carter joined SunBug in 2016 with over 35 years of experience in the electrical and construction trades. As the Construction Project Manager for the commercial team and also SunBug's Master Electrician, Ken bridges the gap between the development and construction phases of our commercial projects. In his spare time, Ken is an amateur photographer, seeking out abandoned places and buildings to expand his portfolio. 

Mike Wenz 

Adam Thurrell, our Director of Operations, brings a breadth of industry experience in operations, engineering, customer experience, business development, and technical sales. Driven by the opportunity to transition our communities to renewable energy, he has served on the boards of multiple mission-driven organizations, helping them operate profitably while staying focused on making a positive impact in the world. Before getting into solar, Adam taught 7th Grade science, social studies, and outdoor leadership at the North Country School in Lake Placid, NY, where he deeply enjoyed helping his students grow into the people they wanted to be. In his free time, Adam enjoys playing music, tele skiing, and wilderness expeditions with his family.

Archie Acevedo, SunBug's Construction Manager, raises bees in Franklin, MA as well as on private land in Dover. Our Franklin apiaries is nestled alongside their organically managed flower farm, Painted Lady Flower Farm, and a local organic farm were all produce has been grown pesticide and chemical free. Archie and his wife Amy raise 3 boys and an Olde English Bulldogge in addition to honey bees and flowers. He works in the Construction industry as a Remodeling Specialist and when he’s not beekeeping, parenting, flower farming, or Managing construction projects, he will be found working on frame-up restorations of his vintage ’39-’46 Dodge trucks.


Commercial Team

Ryan Black is a Business Development Manager with SunBug’s Commercial Team. After an earlier career in finance and real estate development, Ryan sought to incorporate sustainability into his professional life. He has since spent the better part of a decade advocating for renewable energy policies and developing commercial solar systems. Outside of the office, Ryan enjoys reading, gardening, and all things outdoors.

Chris Robinson joined the SunBug Commercial team in 2017 as our Commercial Project Development Manager. He has brought an array of solar experience from both the residential and commercial sectors as he has been in the industry since 2010. He is a native of Massachusetts and was educated in Washington D.C. when he was first bitten by the energy bug and realized the importance of generating clean renewable electricity. When he isn't in the office you can find him playing hockey or skiing.

Kevin Clark joined the SunBug Commercial team as a part of our Commercial Business Development in 2019.  He has brought an array of solar experience from both the residential, commercial and manufacturing sectors as he has been in the industry since 2012.  After spending over 10 years in the mortgage industry, Kevin saw solar as a logical extension of his knowledge and experience. When he isn't in the office you can find him on the golf course.


Residential and Small Commercial

Dan Britton joined the residential sales and system design team in SunBug’s Westfield, MA office in 2018 with a background in solar project management, sales, and system design. He is passionate about helping people make smart energy decisions. When not working, Dan enjoys long walks in the woods and traveling by bicycle. 

After six years in the textile recycling industry, David Carmack decided to follow his passion for solar, joining Sunbug in 2016. He's excited about putting solar panels on as many rooftops in Massachusetts as he can. Prior to his career in sustainability, he spent fifteen years as a freelance commercial photographer. David and his wife both hail from Oklahoma and Texas. He loves playing frisbee with his daughter and can't imagine life without vinyasa yoga.

For Co-Owner Dan Covey, a career in the solar industry seemed like the perfect opportunity to unify his professional skillset of sales and project management with his personal passion for renewable energy. Dan joined SunBug in 2011 on the residential sales and system design team and in 2014 earned his NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certification.

After working for close to a decade in aviation, co-owner Chris Miller became acutely aware of the importance of energy usage to our future and changed careers. Prior to joining SunBug, he became well-versed in building science working as a residential energy specialist where he advised Massachusetts residents on energy efficiency and conservation. He has been designing residential solar systems since joining the SunBug team in 2014 and has never been happier. In 2016, Chris earned his NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certification.

Ned Wilson joined the residential sales and system design team in SunBug’s Westfield, MA office in 2016 with a background in solar project management and installation. He is passionate about helping people go solar through an educational and consultative process. In 2015 he earned both his NABCEP PV Installation Professional and NABCEP PV Technical Sales Professional certifications. Ned lives in the Berkshires with his wife, Elizabeth and their 3 daughters. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his family and occasionally attending a classic car show with his 1974 AMC Javelin or his 1965 Chrysler Imperial. Ned has served on the New Marlborough Conservation Commission since 2008. Ned once drove in a demolition derby and won, having the last car moving out of a field of 30 cars.

Chris Krezmien has been working on and off in the renewable energy field since 2006 when he shifted from the residential construction and building efficiency industry to renewable energy. In solar, Chris has worked in design, sales, project management, procurement and construction. He holds a degree in Appropriate Technology and is an advocate for grid modernization and the transition to clean energy. He is a NABCEP accredited solar installation professional and holds a MA CSL. Chris is part of an active family that loves to laugh & play in the hills of Western Mass. 


Steven Kinsella has a background assisting customers in a number of capacities. In 2019 he graduated from Boston University with an MBA in sustainability and energy. He is motiviated by a love for the environment and a desire to stave off the worst of climate change His pastimes include enjoying the Mystic River, watching sports, playing nerdy games with his friends, and spending time in the kitchen, he live in Somerville with his wife Rebeca and their dog Fiona. 



Rachel Bruso joined Sunbug in 2019 as a Project Manager with 4 years of solar industry experience and additional electrical and construction experience prior to that.  She continues to provide in the highest level of efficiency and service to every customer; past, present, or future.  When not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family in Massachusetts and in New York.  Rachel also dabbles in small projects around the house in her spare time. 

Lisa Button joined the Sunbug team in 2016 bringing with her 25+ years of experience in general office administration, payroll, A/P and bookkeeping skills. She loves being part of a working environment that encourages individuals to excel individually, as well as making positive changes to our environment through Solar installations. 

Co-Owner Lamara d'Arbeloff went to college at St. Lawrence University in New York, where she focused her studies in Environmental Sciences. After college, she didn’t waste any time living near Grand Teton National Park- spending most of her time there skiing and hiking. She spent a few years working in the outdoor education sector. Lamara is Procurement Manager for SunBug Solar, making sure that solar installation projects have what they need, when they need it!  She handles logistics and she organizes the ordering and staging of all major components in a solar system! She enjoys spending as much time as she can outdoors, and she is passionate about helping people utilize the renewable energy that SunBug Solar provides!

Co-Owner Marianne Gildea, our Accounting Manager, has an MBA from Penn State and a Masters in Accounting from Bentley. Throughout her career, she has worked for architects, asbestos removal consultants, an ambulance company and a company specializing in managed data collection services. She took a work hiatus to raise her three children and is now back at work and loves SunBug and the solar industry so much that she had a solar array installed on her home. When not working, she enjoys quilting, cooking, family time and cheering on the Patriots.

Michael Lynch



Kyle Willoth went to school at Santa Clara University, where he studied Philosophy with a pre-law emphasis. After spending his first 5 years wearing various hats at a janitorial supply distributor, he found out about Sunbug and fell in love with the culture. He works as an Operations Coordinator, helping the customer from start to finish with permits, scheduling, and inspections of their solar project. In his spare time, he enjoys snowboarding, golfing, photography, and expanding his vinyl record collection.

Service and Support

Co-Owner Richard Kane is SunBug’s Customer Service & Support Manager. Richard became a member of the SunBug family in 2012—initially as a residential solar system customer, followed by joining the SunBug staff in a commercial solar business development role in 2013. In 2017, Richard “changed hats” and began managing SunBug’s customer service and support department. Richard’s professional background includes service line management, professional services, and product marketing positions at several Boston-area suppliers of Internet, telecom/datacom, mobile/wireless, IT infrastructure, cloud computing, and information management products and services. Richard holds an undergraduate science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a graduate degree in engineering from Brown University.




Kevin Bodley joined Sunbug in 2018 as a licensed electrician and level 1 thermographer. He has worked in the Industrial, Commercial, and Residential sectors before going solar. Kevin is a dedicated family man and retro gaming enthusiast.

Mike Brownell was new to solar when he came to SunBug and adapted quickly and enjoys the roof work.  He loves to play basketball and video games in his time off.


Joe Derry went to Porter and Chester for his electrical schooling and has a background with prior commercial solar and residential general electrical work.


Jim Driscoll

Steve Elwin, or more commonly known as "Hilly," has been a licensed electrician since 2010. He was born and raised in Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean, but has been braving the winters in Brooklyn and Vermont for the last 15 years. Outside of work he enjoys playing the drums, listening to reggae music, playing soccer, and chasing after his energetic daughter. Hailing from the Nature Island, a place with 400 rivers, hot springs, rugged mountains, an abundance of organic locally grown food, and where eco-tourism is the center of the economy, Hilly has been interested in green building and solar energy for many years.

Shawn Lessieur

Co-Owner Harrison Piper discovered the potential of renewable energy after watching SunBug install a solar PV array at his parents' home. He developed a strong desire to become a part of the solar industry and was specifically interested in SunBug, so he joined the team as a solar installer. After two years of installing solar systems around the state, he transitioned into the role he holds today as a residential solar project manager.

Santiago Reyes Duran has been a licensed electrician for over eight years and has worked in solar for four. He enjoys taking his nine-year-old son to the gym and playing with his three-year-old daughter.

Alan Smith, not new to solar, joined Sunbug in early 2019 as an apprentice.  He's been working in the solar industry since 2008.  He enjoys to play golf and then ice fish in the winter.  In his free time, he also likes to play guitar and video games

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Founded in Somerville, Massachusetts in 2009 and a Certified B Corporation since 2018, SunBug Solar has designed and installed over 2400 solar systems from Great Barrington to Cape Cod. We build all types of systems, ranging in size from 1kW to over 1MW, including residential, commercial, carports, and ground-mounts. Our integrated approach - from initial education through consultative design to quality installation and ongoing support - has earned SunBug the highest reputation for customer service and a host of satisfied residential and commercial customers.