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Array of the Month Award: Michael Levine's array in Otis


As we welcome the autumn season, our first award of the fall goes to Michael Levine’s system in Otis.

This array was designed by Ned Wilson and installed by Kevin Bodley, Joe Derry, Tim Patterson, and Alan Smith.  Photo by Alan.

Not only is this a beautiful ground mount, we selected it for its impressive functionality. Projected to generate 24,500 kWh of power per year, this system will cover 136% of the home’s historic annual consumption. Over its 30 year anticipated life-cycle, it will generate more than 576,000 kWh of energy . In that time it will save 397 metric tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere, equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions from taking 84 cars off the road for 1 year, or the carbon sequestered annually by 326 acres of pine or fir forests.

In the eastern part of our state most install are roof mounts, but because the western is more rural and has more open land, ground mounts are a popular option so we do a lot of them there. 



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