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Array of the Month Award: Barre Center for Buddhist Studies

Every month, we highlight an exceptional solar array that exemplifies the power and potential of solar energy. This month’s award goes to the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies in Barre, MA.

This array was designed by Dan Britton. It was installed by team members from both our Eastern MA office in Woburn and our Western MA office in Westfield, including: Tim Patterson, Noah Smith, Kurtis Fusco, Dino Goncalves, Ryan Webber, Mark Peacock, Alec Stanton, Lord Harrington, and Joe Derry. Photo by Kurtis.

The mission of the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies involves a merging of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions. Coincidentally, scheduling considerations required we pull installers from our Eastern MA and Western MA teams to work together to get this project done.

Thanks to everyone that had a hand in making this project happen!

image description

This was a classic East meets West install…All can meditate in peace now knowing that their electric bills will be much lower.

Archie Acevedo Construction Manager
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