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Making Life Better Together! Sunbug Solar is joining ReVision Energy.

New England Biolabs

  • system: SPR 327
  • Size: 808 kW
  • Type: Solar Electric

New England Biolabs is a renowned biotechnology company in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Initially, they were interested in solarizing a small facility, but then decided to move forward with a large ground-mounted project on available land adjacent to the campus. We designed and installed a 750 kW system that generates enough electricity to meet a significant portion of the company’s total electricity demand. We collaborated closely with New England Biolabs and the municipal utility of Ipswich on interconnection and permitting. The New England Biolabs campus is architecturally impressive, and the company is making every effort to ensure that all facilities are attractive and inviting and the solar system is no exception.

992,160 kWh produced in year 1

28,710,583 kWh produced over 30 years

4 years to payback

Drone footage of the New England Biolabs array

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