SunBug Solar brings practical solar energy solutions to Massachusetts homeowners, businesses, and non-profits.

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Free Evaluation

Have SunBug Solar come out to your home or business to find out if solar works for you. We'll do a complete analysis, factoring in the specifics of your site, the available state and federal rebates and the projected energy savings. Just fill out this simple Evaluation Form.

How We Work With You

The wide range of solar options available can be daunting to homeowners and small businesses, so we bring our experience and expertise to bear in delivering practical solar systems that are as attractive as they are effective. Learn How we do it.

30% Federal Tax Incentive

As part of the sweeping plan to bring clean, renewable energy to all Americans, the federal government will now pay for a full 30% of the cost of your solar system through tax incentives. Learn how tax breaks, and other rebates, make Solar Affordable.

Solar for Schools and Non-Profits.

Solar projects for schools and non-profit organizations present specific financial challenges.  Take a look at some of SunBug's educational and institutional projects to see how our expertise in non-profit project development allows our clients to realize their renewable goals. Learn More

Does solar work in New England's climate?

New England's climate can be tough at times, but there is plenty of sunlight to support solar energy. Learn More

How long do solar panels last?

Photovoltaic systems are extremely rugged.  Many solar installations have been producing energy for over thirty years, and today almost all solar panels come with a 25 year warranty. Learn How Solar Works

SunBug hiring!  We seek top-notch Installers, Installer Electricians, Project Managers and Sales staff.  If you think you have what it takes to join the highest rated solar provider in Massachusetts, check out our open positions.