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Array of the Month Award for June: Les Sebba's array in Waltham


Each month we shine a spotlight on an exceptional solar array that exemplifies the power and potential of solar energy. June’s award goes to Les Sebba’s system in Waltham.

This array was designed by David Carmack and installed by Danilson “Dino” Goncalves, Louis Betancourt, Ryan Webber, Kurtis Fusco,  and Mark Peacock.  This photo of lead installer Dino is by Kurtis.

The 7.29 kW system is projected to make 7,300 kWh of power per year, covering 102% of Sebba’s historic annual consumption.

Dino is pictured here putting the finishing touches on the system by carefully trimming flush the rails on the western edge of the array, giving the final product a clean, finished look.  In his three years working at Sunbug, Dino has helped install over 180 systems.


“The most rewarding part of working in solar is helping people reduce their energy bills.”

Dino Goncalves Lead Installer

Thanks Dino and team!

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