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Our new website launches!

  • author: Sunbug Solar
We couldn’t be more proud!

In 2009, SunBug launched a brand that successfully educated and engaged a very young market. But the solar landscape has evolved quite a bit in the last 14 years. 

As the solar market changed, SunBug changed too. Our brand served us well but it doesn’t reflect our evolution and growth, today. So we asked our design partners: “what’s next for SunBug’s brand and website?”  They engaged in a months-long process and we learned a lot:


-Today we are speaking to a wide range of audiences, each with slightly different objectives, requirements, and questions.  Saying we serve residential, commercial and non-profit no longer captures the breadth of our work.

-Frankly, Sunbug knows solar.  After 14 years of doing this work our team is educated, experienced, and talented. Time after time our design partners heard from customers and stakeholders that SunBug’s industry knowledge and insight is very strong.

-Our values and our mission matter.  As a certified B Corp and a longstanding member of the Amicus Solar Cooperative, we’re committed to doing well and doing good.  And to many of our customers, our values matter.


So we decided to take our strengths and build on them.  Where our original brand was Friendly & Inviting, we wanted to reflect that today we are more Approachable & Intuitive.  Where we were once seen as highly Educational & Informative, we want folks to know we are additionally Expert & Experienced.  And when in 2009 our brand was clearly Cute & Different, we want to be seen as the Unique & Credible solar partners that we are today.

So take a look around our new site and let us know what you think!  We tried to keep as much of the great content we had while adding more of what defines us: our team, our projects, and of course most importantly, our customers.

Finally, a huge thank you to our design partners in this effort: Moth Design, 43,000 Feet, and Jake and Co.

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