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Making Life Better Together! Sunbug Solar is joining ReVision Energy.

Welcome to the inaugural Sunbug Solar Array of the Month Award!

Each month we shine a spotlight on an exceptional solar array that exemplifies the power and potential of solar energy. Sunbug is fortunate to build some great arrays, from residential rooftops to sprawling commercial installations.  In this venue we want to take a moment to showcase innovative designs, jaw dropping photos, and positive impact on the environment.

May’s award goes to Sarah North’s system in New Marlborough.  This picturesque array was designed by Ned Wilson and installed by Alan Smith, Joe Derry, Noah Smith, Kevin Bodley, and Tim Patterson – photo by Alan.

We love the harmony between the pastoral landscape and future-minded solar technology on the rooftop. A perfect representation of New England solar potential at the start of summer. 
When asked why she went solar, Sarah was as future-minded as her array:

“It felt something we could do to offset carbon emissions, to stop burning fossil fuels and to harness the sun’s energy instead. It’s a way to ultimately keep our costs low, our footprint lighter, and to help pay it forward for others to use.”

Congratulations Sarah on going solar!


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